For the first post on this blog I would like to introduce Warminster fitness buffs to one of the best if not the best supplement stores in the area: Ace Supplements. As a self-confessed fitness junkie Ace Supplements is where I go to for my monthly supplement fix. I hope that this review will help the other fitness minded people in Warwick by giving them a great place for affordable and top quality supplements.

The inside of Ace Supplements Warminster. Fantastic product selection.

My Fitness Story: How I Learned of Supplements

Fitness has proved to be an elusive goal for many people. I too once thought it impossible to achieve fitness. One moment I would be looking at the ripped bodies of those who had already made it fitness- wise, and my determination to achieve similar body goals would soar. After a few weeks of trying without seeing any results, I would grow discouraged and my resolve to build heavy muscles would wane really fast. This went on for a long time until I learnt of supplements.

To be honest, I had always known that supplements could boost my fitness efforts, but I had always been a bit wary of them for a number of reasons. For one thing, I thought that they would have terrible, long- lasting effects on my health. Secondly, I was always thought them an unnecessary expense on my already tight budget. Little did I know how much my ignorance was costing me!

Another shot of the interior of Ace Supplements Warminster. My favourite place!

The Importance of Supplements

Determination and a strong resolve are important when it comes to achieving fitness, but these two are not the only requirements for achieving this goal. Human resolve can only go so far. If you lack the energy to continue working out, chances are, you will quit pretty fast. If you also suffer injury after injury while at the gym, you are also likely to give up on body building. If you want to stay at it, to keep putting in the long hours at the gym, then you need more fuel than you are giving your body.

The dietary needs of people who engage in physical activities, especially exercising with the goal of attaining fitness, are rather different from those of those who do not engage in any physical activities. For those who work out, there is need to consume more carbohydrates and proteins than they ordinarily would.

Carbs provide the body with energy to carry out its functions. If you lack enough carbs, it goes without saying that your body will be lacking in energy. You may feel weak, groggy and even dizzy. You may also not be much psyched to start or even complete your workout sessions. Needless to say, the lack of consistency in exercising will impede your fitness efforts a great deal.

So, what can you do to ensure that you are always full of energy for productive work out sessions? The key is to use supplements that will boost your energy. Some contain high concentrations of carbohydrates, while some stimulate your body to produce more energy.

My Staple Supplement: Whey Protein

Besides carbohydrates, you also need to consume a lot of proteins if you want to attain any fitness goals. In my personal fitness journey, I have learnt that proteins are far more important than most people would have you believe. Proteins contribute significantly to muscle repair and growth. As you work out, you are essentially destroying existing muscles to pave for the growth of new, stronger muscles. This destruction requires repair, and it is only proteins that can help you in this respect.

Proteins contain body- building blocks known as amino acids. If the body has to build muscles, it can only do so if there are enough proteins for that purpose. The amount of proteins that your body requires in order to build muscle is more than those obtained from your diet. This is where protein supplements come in real handy.

A protein bar or a whey protein shake after a workout session can go a long way in helping you attain your fitness goals. This is why it is common to see fitness gurus with some kind of protein supplement such as protein powder or a milkshake at the gym. I always consult my favourite protein comparison website, The Protein Investor, to ensure I get the best deals on my whey protein. Hey, supplements aren’t cheap okay?

A final shot of the interior of Ace Supplements Warminster. This time showcasing whey protein, my staple supplement.

Why I Choose Ace Supplements

I have learnt over the years that not all supplements are the same. Some are better than others. This is why I am very choosy about where I get my supplements from. Ace Supplements only deals in genuine, quality products, but it also sells them at discounted prices. Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to benefit from their periodic offers, which are nothing short of amazing. I also benefit a lot from the expertise of the staff at the store as they are always recommending new products that often turn out to be priceless additions to my supplements list.


It is common for one to quit working out due to fatigue and lack of energy. Supplements will however help you a great deal. Just make sure to buy genuine and effective products from reputable stores such as Ace Supplements and you are good to go.